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Learn How to Become a Better Volunteer Manager with Volunteer LEAD    

Volunteers are important to the success and sustainability of a nonprofit organization. Nonprofits depend on volunteers to fulfill vital roles, such as board members, mentors, and fundraisers, just to name a few. Establishing the appropriate processes to manage volunteers requires ongoing training and professional development. These tools are necessary to ensure that volunteer managers are equipped to effectively recruit, retain, and recognize volunteers, as well as, finding new ways to engage them in their nonprofits.

Volunteer LEAD works to accomplish this purpose through its online program, which teaches the core principles of effective volunteer management. Volunteer LEAD is a self-paced online learning program.  Participants are immersed in a curriculum designed to assist them in managing volunteers with enthusiasm and skill. Registered users can log in at any time to complete the courses over 12 weeks

After completing Volunteer LEAD, you will:

  • Know how to organize volunteers in a smart and meaningful way

  • Know different strategies to develop and improve your volunteer management process

  • Understand how to incorporate technology into your volunteer management system

  • Know the 4 R's of successful volunteer management

Volunteer LEAD Program Facts:

  • Classes are structured in a simple, easy to understand format

  • All courses are delivered online

  • Each webinar is 30 minutes

  • Registered students are granted access to online courses, downloads, and support

  • Trained nonprofit professionals facilitate classes

  • Certificates of Completion are awarded upon successful completion of the course and post-test

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