Learn How to Become a Better Program Manager with

Program L.E.A.D    

Program Managers play a very important role in the success and credibility of a nonprofit organization. They are responsible for managing and developing programs that accomplish the mission of a nonprofit. Establishing the appropriate processes, setting goals, developing evaluation tools, and communicating the success of a program are the primary responsibilities of a program manager. Ongoing training and professional development are necessary to ensure that program managers are equipped to manage nonprofit programs effectively. 

Program L.E.A.D works to accomplish this purpose through its one-day course, which teaches the core principles of effective program management. During our training, learners are engaged in a curriculum designed to assist them in successfully managing and developing their programs.

After completing Program L.E.A.D, you will:

  • Know five keys to effective program management

  • Understand the guidelines for successful program evaluation

  • Know how to develop and design a nonprofit program

Program L.E.A.D Program Facts:

  • Classes are structured in a simple, easy to understand format

  • All course subjects are delivered in small groups

  • One day training from 9:00 am  to 2:30 pm

  • Experienced nonprofit professionals facilitate training

  • Certificates of Completion are awarded upon successful course completion

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