Learn How to Become a Better Nonprofit Leader with

Nonprofit L.E.A.D    

Inspirational leaders are vital to the success, longevity, and impact of a nonprofit organization. Leaders who are knowledgeable of charitable organizations; experienced working with nonprofit boards; and are adept at people management are needed to guide the nonprofit community into the next century.

Nonprofit Source works to accomplish this purpose through its Nonprofit LEAD course, which teaches the core principles of effective nonprofit leadership. During our one-day training, learners are immersed in a curriculum designed to assist them in leading with passion, purpose, and knowledge.

After completing Nonprofit L.E.A.D, you will:

  • Know the History of the Nonprofit Sector

  • Know the key roles and responsibilities of nonprofit board members and staff

  • Understand the strategic planning process and models used to customize the process for your agency

  • Know eight steps to successful fundraising and budgeting

  • Understand nonprofit program design and evaluation

Nonprofit L.E.A.D Program Facts:

  • Classes are structured in a simple, easy to understand format

  • All course subjects are delivered in small groups

  • One day training from 9:00 am to 2: 30 pm

  • Experienced nonprofit professionals facilitate training

  • Certificates of Completion are awarded upon successful completion of the course

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